Thursday, November 24, 2011

100. What Makes Me Grateful

in no particular order:

6 Mi amigos: Manly and Biela, protection, kindness and divinity in furry form
7 My lovable and bigger than life, vietnamese family. Cousins, nieces, nephews, aunties and uncles
8 My in-laws and extended family - Granny, Daddy the entire Brehaut clan
9 Friendz. Relationships and future acquaintances
10 My eye surgery - Dr Goodman
11 My gum surgery - Dr Panaite, Meridith
12 My dentist - Dr Bridges, Emily, Jan
13 Kickass realtor extraordinare - Karen Yu
14 The Writing Salon - teacher, Kathleen and all the incredible budding writers
15 SF Solo Performance Workshop - teacher, Martha and fellow performers: Beth, David, Deirdre, LeTeigra, Heather
16 Music - singing teacher Marianna. Blue Bear School
19 Travel - Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica (Pura Vida, Baby!!)
20 My traveling deities: Saraswati, Ganesh and Wombie
21 San Carlos, Mexico - Mark
24 San Miguel De Allende, Mexico - Suzanne, Sashi, Mica. Spanglish
25 Agua de Jamaica
28 Oaxaca - PoopenstanceSeason’s of My Heart. Susana Trilling
30 Lake Atitlan - Joyce, Tim, Miguel, Mateo, Pedro, Maya, Ines (Artista De Flores)
33 Apples
34 The beautiful and godly Tzutujil men, women, children and babies
39 Our 4X4 Mitsubishi aka Boris
40 Playa El Cuco, El Salvador. La Tortuga Verde - Mike and all the staff. The man who drew us a map on sand. The delicious fish head soup (El Savadorean cooking some of the best eats!)
43 Granada, Nicaragua. Heart lessons: Just not that into you
46 Samara, Costa Rica - Sherry and Larry
47 Punta Coyote, Costa Rica - Wayne’s World!
48 Montezuma, Costa Rica - Mike, Alice and Cristos
53 Santa Teresa and her community - Canaihma Chill House - Juan Carlos, Alexia, Avi, Adi, Andy, Deanne - Dog the Cat
54 Lee Bierman
57 Empanadas - Gracias Ms Julia!
59 A comfortable bed to sleep in
60 Clean water, clean clothes
61 An oven 
62 To breaking glasses. L’chaim!
63 Nature and beauty
64 Fungus. Green mold
65 Green grasshoppers and geckos
66 The sound of water flowing
67 The sound of Manly and Biela’s burp after breakfast
68 A nice long embrace
69 Rain and the sun right after
71 Sleep and rest
73 The ol' heart opening and cracking
74 Writing. Wifi
75 Expressing myself honestly - speaking my truth
77 My throat chakra
78 Dreaming
80 The full moon
81 Surprises
84 Flour and butter
85 Honey
86 Coffee and lipton tea
88 Cinnamon Ginger Bay Leaf Chilies
89 Books that have found me this year - Me Talk Pretty - Traveling Mercies - The Shipping News - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - The Kite Runner
90 Manly finding his bark
91 Biela’s soft kisses on my finger
92 The freedom to choose
94 Retelling my grandfather’s stories
95 Listening and asking. Intimacy
97 A stranger’s smile
98 My master wound
99 The creator in us all
100 And if you've made it through this long ass list...grateful for you for reading this!


Julia said...

Grateful to have met you!

White Shell Girl said...

ah shucks :) (turning red!)


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