Sunday, July 17, 2011

¿Quieres Sopa de Verduras? / Want Some Veggie Soup?

It’s a Sunday in Puerto Vallarta. This morning, the church bells awakened our sleepy faces around 9 AM.

Arriving in Puerto Vallarta at the Casa del Puente, I was elated to find that our apartment was equipped with a kitchen! For a full account of our arrival at PV, read here and a description of our host, Mollie Muir (the grand niece of some conservationist guy).

Eating 3 weeks on the road, I’ve been seriously craving my own blend of alchemy...the comfort and excitement of creating something from local verduras, hierbas y ingredientes. Nothing makes me feel more at home than the smell of bread baking in the oven or frying onions in a pan.

So, I’ve taken care of both to mitigate any foreseen homesick blues.

First, I’ve been cultivating a secret batch of yeast from Mexican raisins (will be ready for some bread in the next couple days, so more on this coming soon) and today to enjoy our Sunday a la mexicana, I made a big pot of sopa de veduras (which all started with the magic of sautéed cebolla).

sopa verduras y guarniciones (veggie soup with fixings)
ready for some serious soup
We bought all the ingredients from the local Gutierrez Rizo Mercado (scroll halfway down the webpage for the map).

If you were here, I’d love to serve you a bowl. Instead, find the sopa verduas pics. Wishing you a rejuvenating Sunday y buen provecho!

Necesito verduras felizes (You need happy veggies)
...y algunos ingredientes (and some ingredients)
...y un poco de tiempo (and a little time)
para hacer una buena sopa (to make a good soup)
...time for another bowl

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