Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mexican Flash Update

Almost 3 weeks in Mexico and the adventure continues to be enjoyable and enriching; we’ve experienced 3 distinct cities by now (San Carlos, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta), crossed 4 states (Sonora, Sinaloa, Nayarit and Jalisco)…gradually making our way further south toward the equator. The driving conditions have been pretty good even though I’d never expected to drive through both black and green ancient volcanic valleys, fields of fragrant lavender, torrential down pours made courtesy by Hurricane Calvin and if you can believe it, fog!??!....the thick misty mountain kind.

Hurricane Calvin (

The journey is nothing short of epic. And I’m so grateful for experiencing the beauty of this land with mi hombre y dos perros favoritos. If anything, it’s making me a badass driver!

First leg was what I like to call “Sleepy in San Carlos.”

View from balcony, San Carlos

We caught up on some serious siestas, I reread the entire Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (since high school, IB english) in 1 day, locals spotted some skinny dipping by Manly and Biela and at dawn pelicans watched on as some martial arts was performed by the boy. We left the desert town by the Sea of Cortez, rejuvenated and excited for some action.

Next stop, Mazatlan where we traded the siesta for some fiesta.

We stayed 6 days in a charming B&B called Casa de Leyendas run by a generous and friendly expat couple named Sharon and Glenn. If you are ever in Mazatlan, stay there! Favorite moments were walking on the Malecon with M&B, free jazz night at Pedro y Lola, enjoying a cold Pacifico underneath a tree lined café on the Plaza Machado, sampling the menu del dia at Paulina’s ($60 pesos = $5.45), chatting it up with the expats at Macaw’s Wednesday night, Yappy Hour (a happy hour with dogs organized by Sharon, the inn keeper at Leyendas to raise money for the local dog shelter) and watching the sensuous salsa dancers at a July 14th block party. Find our Mazatlan photo highlights here.

I’m struck by the warm and genuine energy in Mazatlan. There’s a thriving artist community and a dojo for the boy…all pluses. Definitely a place to revisit and come back for a longer stay.

Yet, the moment awaits, onward we go...

By Mai Brehaut

(Malecon, Mazatlan,


bizzymama said...

You two (or 4 I should say) are living the life! What an adventure for B and M!

White Shell Girl said...

Gracias mamacita!

The Whole Story said...

Can we see close-ups of the happy doggies next time?

White Shell Girl said...

@ The Whole name (who r u?_ hmmm...close-ups of doggies. Not their humans?? Will get some M&B photos posted to meet your fix.

White Shell Girl said...

Recent one of senor manly:


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