Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fried Apple Pop Tarts

In my quest to elevate the toaster, I attempted to bake apple pastries aka chausson aux pommes....

frozen apple tarts in homemade puff pastry
into the toaster

the outcome...

gooey madness mixed with mysterious black bits

What to do??? What to do? Say no more...say no more...

Some with a darker tan...

But the taste...fried apple goodness...mmmmm

boy approved

Recipe Fried Apple Pop Tarts (makes 12-16)
1 sheet puff pastry or homemade (reference pains aux rains)
2 c apple sauce (for the filling) or homemade

Apple filling
4 medium green apples
4 tablespoons of sugar
3 tablespoon butter

For the filling
Core the apples and cut in a small dice (peel and all). In a sauce pan, melt butter add sugar and apples. Cook on medium-low heat for 35 mins. Mix well as the apples will start to brown after they release their water. Then low for 15 mins. You're looking for a golden brown, thick applesauce consistency. Add a little bit of water if mixture gets too dry. Let it cool completely in the pan and transfer to fridge before using.

The method
You can use any size or shape to make your apple pies. Circle, triangle, square. One easy way is to get a large glass and cut out circles, fill and fry. For pop tart size pictured here, the length is 4 inch, diameter, 3 inch (shape for the toaster). Roll out and cut puff pastry into a 8 inch length (you will fold the dough). Space each pastry dough to cut out into 3 inch diameters. Use 2 tsp of filling (in the center). Fold and crimp the sides with a floured fork. Let the individual pies proof in a warm place for another hour. Then place in the fridge for 1-2 hours until firm (or you can even freeze).

When ready to fry, fill half a pan with vegetable oil. Heat for 15 mins on medium until hot. Best to fry one at a time or in sets depending on the pot size. Fry 2 mins on each side. Drain on used paper for 5 mins. Serve warm. Enjoy dusted with sugar, with ice cream or "au naturel".

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