Friday, July 06, 2012

1 año

san carlos, mx july 2011

A fun look at the journey over the year (a time lapse video below from july 2011 - july 2012).

17,000 miles (27,000km)
12 countries

or another way to see it:

50 mi (80 km) per day
1 country per month

Crossing sandstorms, torrential rains, jungles, deserts, the andes, patagonia, the pampas and snow speckled landscapes all the way to the end of the world (el fin del mundo).

Such an amazing and grateful experience along the Panamericana - the beautiful places that opened and expanded hearts - Mexico, Guatemala - Lake Atitlan, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Patagonia. All of it, actually. All of it.

We flew over the ancient geoglyths - the Nasca Lines, trekked on the highest peak in Machu Picchu, visited the mythic Uros islands on Lake Titicaca, found ourselves enchanted with the endless coastline of Chile, Perito Moreno glacier (on the very last day before it closed), and held our breaths on the Garibaldi pass to Ushuaia - its icy wintertime conditions. Mesmerized, we gazed at ultra violet clouds over Tierra del Fuego, full moons, the Milky Way, the aurora australis, molten sunsets...

...all this since we left San Francisco a year ago. How quickly time flies.

But more intimately, how I really feel...

I turned a year older - although none the wiser.

I tore out, disgruntled more than enough white hairs to floss my teeth with.

I wept over more dead animals on the side of the road than I would admit.

Over a Car...grateful, so eternally grateful for safe passing, scaling many mountains and long roads.

Over Manly...seeing him swept up by a huge wave only to be carried back to me.

Over Biela...when the ticks almost sucked all the life out of my girl only to be healed by miraculous vets in Colombia and Ecuador.

Over my Beloved...who rescued us in impossible situations - corrupt cops, a gazillion border crossings, and when every hotel said "no" - he always found a "yes" - he moved many Mountains...

I wept over stars and sunsets.

I canon balled and swam in healing Lake Atitlan.

I climbed a volcano.

I climbed Cerro Machu Picchu.

I found spirit in a turtle on her way to lay her eggs during new year's eve.

I found spirit in Lake Titacaca.

I found spirit in the Andes.

I found spirit in a glacier and in whales, in eagles, cranes and condors.

I lost hope, only to have found steadfast faith.

I was prone to complain over missing traffic signs, dog poop on sidewalks, taxis in Ecuador...only to be won again and again by the kindness of strangers, children and friends (new and old).

I was hurt at times over the shape of my eyes, only to have found moments of acceptance, blind joy, beauty and love -  the flight over the Nazca lines, Nature, the presence of my grandfather, emails from my mommy and bro, the presence of my daddy when it rained...

If all there is, is to love and be loved, at this moment, it feels more than enough for a lifetime.

Over and over again, I lost myself only to come home to myself...

san francisco, ca to ushuaia, argentina - el fin del mundo
(psst! better in HD ;)


Arturo said...

Congratulations on your first year! And thanks for all the postings. I have enjoyed reading your blog very much.

Posts said...

So cool! Fantastic adventure. I have so enjoyed following along. Beautiful summary.

John said...

Moving words and wonderful video - if anyone made you feel bad about the shape of your eyes it was obviously jealousy! Wishing you well in the next leg of your "journey."

Stm76 said...

Keep on keeping on...home is where your heart is. We'll be with y'all in spirit!

White Shell Girl said...

Thanks everyone for all your kind words and virtual support along the journey. hugs, mai

Biren Talati said...

Wow, always a good read !!! Lived vicariously through you guys on your voyage --- what's next???

White Shell Girl said...

Thanks Biren. Much appreciated. Final stop SF for a nice long break ;)


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