Saturday, May 05, 2007

White Shell Who?

You're probably wondering why I've named this blog white shell chronicles.

"White Shell Girl" was my very first handle. 

I was 18, in college, inside a computer search of the perfect handle, and no doubt in a full force Joseph Campbell phase, the name came to me. Recalling days earlier, a book of mythologies at the library...the story of the White Shell Girl. It went something like this.

From the Navaho Indian Myth of Creation:

The Holy Ones asked the Turquoise Boy to enter the great, perfect turquoise that was to become the sun; and they asked the White Shell Girl to enter the great, perfect white shell that was to become the moon. The Turquoise Boy was to carry a whistle made from the Male Reed…The White shell Girl was also to carry a whistle. It was made from the Female Reed. And with it she would move the tides of the sea.

Oh favorite color isn't white. I am a girl. I do not dwell in a shell, although I have been slowly coming out of one ever since...

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