Monday, September 26, 2011

On Top of the World

On an early morning, when Manly and Biela still lay snuggled inside warm beds, I climb a volcano. Ok, it's not an active volcano hike, but an especially meaningful hike because every minute since our arrival at San Marcos de Atitlan, Guatemala, the volcano of San Pedro has been greeting us with all its beauty and majesty...a priceless view from the lake house. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the peak is 9,908 ft! (for a perspective on the scale, scroll to the bottom).

My companions: Juan, the reincarnated mountain ram and volcano guide; Antonio, the playful pan and cultural/plant guide; (reminding me every now and then to use the energy of the plants to guide my steps when my asthma blocks a needed breath); and my love, Cedric, the muse… offering a timely hand to pull me forward from the depths of steep steps…a glimpse of his smile on a sunlight path, lightens and transports. 

Each step leaks sweat from every pore; each step brings a deeper resolve. In the last 5 minutes, Antonio urges us to move quickly…before the clouds descend. All I can do is repeat to myself over and over again…yo puedo, yo puedo…I can, I can. After 3 ½ grueling hours weaving through a mayan coffee plantation, cornfields, guatemalan cypress forests with sweeping visitas…before my legs turn completely into jelly, I set foot on the top of the world. And what a magnificent view that I've ever had the good fortune lay my eyes on! Enjoy the pictures chicos.

With sore legs and love, mb

5:50 am

Sunrise over the Volcano of San Pedro.

6:00 am 

Behind tuk-tuk controls. We're driven to the entrance of the volcano.

7:00 am 

My climb starts.

7:35 am


8:00 am 

Catching my breath at the rest stop with Antonio. ¼ way into the hike...

10:10 am

A little diversion on the way.

10:30 am

Finally made it! A view from top of the world.

The studs: Juan, the boy and Antonio.

A perspective on man vs volcano.

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