Sunday, May 20, 2012

On the Go: Tacna - Arica, Chile Border

Easily the quickest and cheapest (cost = $0) border crossing in South America IF you have no dogs. But in our case, the longest, most rigorous and frustrating. In order to enter Chile, we needed a special "Zoosanitary Export Certificate" from the Peruvian customs. We found ourselves in bureaucratic limbo for hours - 9 hours to be exact.

But there were angels on both sides and we were lucky.

We don't blame the Chileans, just the policies. (Read here for the full story). Bienvenidos a Chile! We're now entering Neruda's country - and what a sight!

only 40 mins to the chilean border
ciao ciao
hello chile!

don't let the 60s decor fool you - the most expensive joint in arica

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