Thursday, May 03, 2012

On the Go: Lima - Ollantaytambo, Peru

The road from Lima to Ollantaytambo (known as the the sacred valley, an 1 hr from Machu Picchu) took 3 days. Distancewise, we clocked approx. ~ 667.5 miles. Along the way, we visited: 
  • Huacachina (the touristy sand dunes & oasis)
  • Nazca (where we took the tiniest plane to see maginificent 1,500 year old geoglyths)
  • Abancay (industrial town and midpoint from Ica / Pisco to Ollantaytambo). 
At times, it felt like we were driving among clouds. As we left behind Lima's coast (0 ft) making our way to the sacred valley (imagine 9,160 feet!), it was important for humans and doggies to acclimate with soaring elevation climbs (not since Quito, Ecuador). With shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches, insomnia - altitude sickness is not fun. So, easy does it.

Peru has the most dramatic landscapes - wheat colored sand dunes, large scaling mountains, lakes mirroring azure sky, the speckled alpacas and vicuñas, the rainbow textiles adorned by the quechua natives...charming, incredible, unreal!!

oasis in huacachina
nazca - in front of the 4 seater cessna
hummingbird geoglyth

vicunas, cousin to the llama - peru's finest wool worthy of inca royalty
walk like an al - pa - caaaa!
view from hotel in abancay 

sacred valley - ollantaytomba

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