Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cusco Highlights

We called the Inca imperial city of Cusco home for a week.

I loved the colonial doorways painted bright blue, the flat bread sellers, the ubiquitous chicharronerias, the fountains and confetti flower gardens, the adventurous tastes of the San Pedro Market...

Inside Cusco's Cathedral of Santa Domingo - I discovered my favorite religious painting of all time - the Last Cuy Supper. Nice! (Unfortunately, no pictures allowed). We also saw the most disturbingly opulent altars made of pure silver and gold. How the Church loves its bling! Of course, the stones, silver and gold were all looted from Inca temples and buildings.

Amidst hoards of alpaca hat hugging tourists, we eventually found our own steady rhythm to city living and even tranquility - our daily doggie strolls at Plaza Armas grounded us and turned heads - first during mornings when it was hot enough for t-shirts then again by 5pm with freezing temperatures and two layers of Northface jackets.

One thing is for sure, high altitude (11, 200ft) + cold nights = serious munchies.

Biela with new friends Grace & Michael @ Plaza Armas
chicharroneria = pigtastic!
adobo - thick pork stew

sweet fried swine

la Compañía de Jesus
inca quipu 

san pedro market - mission almuerzo with john, friend + fellow traveler
buen prochevo chicos - gulp!

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