Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Chan Chan Part 2: A Feeling

Remember on the prior post, the tour of Chan Chan (a large pre-Colombian ruin from the 15th c in Northern Peru)? Well, without any prior knowledge of the archeological site, I felt some unexplainable mojo while roaming the ruins. I was a little reluctant to share. But here goes, maybe I'm not completely crazy and I'm not the only one out there?

Ever since our travels in Central America and now South America, my senses and intuition have percolated and in some circumstances heightened.  I don’t know what triggers them (hormonal, travel alertness, lack of sleep, all of the above?) and why, dear god, they happen – but it feels like an intense visceral sensation in my body that quickly fades and goes away. Have you ever felt this?


Walking behind the tour guide (the man all the way in front in fresh mint aqua with hat - btw, he's out of my ear range), through a long passageway, I felt as if I were waddling in water, then the sensation of water filling my lungs.

yours truly in blue, uh oh, picking up something... 

At the end of the hallway, we've arrived at a fresh water lake or well. The guide begins….”they used to perform ceremonies in this lake - throw offerings to the gods, and in some cases, women were sacrificed.”  At this point, my head is bobbing uncontrollably in agreement and amazement. This is the gran huachaque dedicated to water or fertility rituals.

gran huachaque ceremonial lake

As we turned onto another passage way, I felt my stomach being hollowed out then my body being carried.

the path where the mummified chimu king would be carried for worship

The guide continues, “here, every year they would carry out the mummified king for the people to worship.” By now, I'm hugging my black bag so tight, it's as if I'm unable to let go of a treasured blankie.

Perhaps because Chan Chan is so mysterious and because we still don't know so much about it, my wonderment and imagination decided to let loose. In any case, this is definitely a place, I'm glad I had a chance to visit and feel in my lifetime. (Cue X-files music - na Na na Na na Naaaa….)


Posts said...

Mai! I love your writing and your photos. I am very much enjoying your adventure.

White Shell Girl said...

muchas gracias mi amigo - as i yours. thanks for sharing your family adventures ;)


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