Sunday, May 20, 2012

On the Go: Arica - Iquique - Antofagasta - Bahia Inglesia

"For 5 days straight, we hit pavement in northern chile, mining town after mining town with landscapes (more like dreamscapes) that reminded us of Mar's surface and the movie Total Recall. Arid cracked canyons. Dust, rock and cinnamon hues.

The ocean - it's salty smells and soothing temperatures - has been very very welcoming to us California folk, even though the most foggy and haunting of coast lines - as if thousands of years ago and still today, the epic battle wedges forth between the mountain and the ocean gods - monolithic boulders, crashing titan waves...

On another note, it's been impossible to find adapters (the voltage difference was surprising). Luckily, the hotel here in Bahia Inglesia loaned us an apple adapter. We're here in this nice, calm refuge by the bay for the weekend. Then on the road again for Santiago's coast (Vina del Mar). We are gradually making our way to the middle - at times it feels like ants pace (but then we pinch ourselves that we are in Chile and that this elegant slither of land is so long and never ending)."

stuck behind the hay truck 
iquique (vegas meets miami)
ruins along the coast
monolith mountains
skipping antofagasta - no pet friendly hotels here
last of the sunbeams
cloudless day @ bahia inglesia

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