Friday, May 11, 2012

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu (pronounced in quechua "pikchu") is one of those experiences that leaves you so glad you did it. And because I am married to a mountain goat, we had to throw in a hike to boot (up to Cerro Machu Picchu that is). I was a little worried leaving Manly and Biela for an entire day at the hotel - especially with a curious ram and a litter of roaming kittens in the garden. A recipe for mischief! But everything worked out well even with an unexpected accident in the morning...

We had gorgeous weather and views. The fog burned off by noon. No insane loads of tourists either. Also, I have to thank my hubby - best partner on the planet - who could have easily finished in half the time it took - but who stuck by me and cheered me up that challenging, fantastic climb. 

This memorable day in a nutshell:
Sleepy, stinky, bumpy, foggy, smiling, crying, breathing, aching, loving, laughing, gloating, grateful.

Love, mb

ps post cerro machu picchu syndrome...


3:40am - Alarm rings. Dressed in full gear the night before, roll of out bed and land on hiking boots.

4:08am - Breakfast. Coffee and waffles. Race back to room to find Biela's bed soiled with poop! UGHH!!! Not sure who the guilty party is - (not since Manly's poop incident in Oaxaca). No time to think, roll up bed and throw it on the balcony. We'll deal with this later...

5:30am - Ollantaytambo train to Aguas Clientes (1 1/2 hrs) + bus ride (30min) to entrance of Machu Picchu

7:40am - Tour begins. Fog slowly fades. Then bam, the realization hits you, I'm in MP!!!

Although "discovered" by Mr Bingham in 1911, he was greeted by 2 innkeepers who lived at the entrance of MP and in spite of sprawling vegetation, it was a young quechua boy who led him to the heart of the ruins...

steps inside the pachamama temple
macccchuuuu pickkkchhhhuuu baabbby!
condor temple - see the natural wing formation of the rocks?
pinch me
lifting fog, magical terrace
staring contest with baby llama
andean cross: the play of stone, light and shadow to create the cross
which came first the mountain or stone shaped like a mountain?

9:20am - Make our way to the to the Cerro Machu Picchu (in quechua means "old mountain")

10:15 - Hike begins. Gotta sign in.

no idea why i'm doing this smile

12:15am - On top of the Cerro Machu Picchu (10,009ft)

close up of huayna picchu ("young mountain")

2:13pm - Finish Hike

goat boy

2:48pm - Leaving Machu Picchu not before the boy's quick trip to the inca drawbridge!

looking back up at the cerro mp peak
inca bridge - closed - since some one fell off!

3:48pm - Train station - leaving Aguas Clientes

Free snacks, festivities and fashion show...

5:35pm - Back in Ollantaytambo. Greeted by wagging tails and later post MP pisco sour...

are they back yeeet?
celebratory pisco sour. salud chicos!


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