Thursday, October 11, 2012

Brunch, oh My!

On sun-kissed Cupertino Sunday, I had the sweet and gratifying pleasure of catering a brunch for an old college roommate, My. Now, do not be fooled by her cute little exterior, for My has a deadly talent. She can eat. I mean seriously EAT...anyone and I mean anyone under the table WITHOUT gaining 1 single pound. So, if scientists could isolate this unique gene of hers, bottle it up...she could very well be on her way to world domination.

Lately, I've been playing around with a brunch catering idea - something that combines both my passion (obsession really) for baking and food. So, as I was thinking of this experiment, the image of My popped into my head. She invited friends, some with kids in tow and amidst paper planes, DuckTales and feasting, an excellent experience was being savored and treasured.

My and I go waaay back. (Actually, I knew "of her" even during my senior days in high school. Although we went to different schools, a mutual friend put us together. In hindsight, I think he probably had a little crush on her ;) Anyways, she left such an impression on him that he was emphatic that I meet "My!" - especially since we were going to go to the same college. Long story short, we talked for hours over the phone, kept in touch throughout college, probably walked on the beach during sunset and lived together for 2 years after we graduated from Santa Clara University. We had a lot of fun in those days - many parties and culinary dinners that involved exotic ingredients like beets. 

Today, she's married, has 2 lovely boys (who I want to kidnap) and a really cool hubster by the name of Alex. It's a wonderful pleasure to cook for people you care about and who care about you and who knew you when you were just a young thing. Much love My & Alex!

Now, for the food...

Le Brunching Menu for 8
2 Poulet encroute - chicken baked in bread
2 Cinnamon roll loafs with cream cheese frosting
1 Galette des rois with creme d'amande (equal parts almond flour and pastry creme) + raspberries
2 pitchers Orange Julius with freshly squeezed farmers market oranges

Bon appetit!

panzanella salad - heirloom tomatoes, basil and the bread crust (soaked in chicken juices!) 
special galettes des rois with creme d'amandes et framboise
so light and fluffy - these are my killer cinnamon rolls
me and mz My in front of the spread (plus devilish eggs made by "beet" man Ed)


Posts said...

My and Mai! I love and miss you both!

White Shell Girl said...

Randy, you and Tami are next on my list!

Cedric Brehaut said...

As a taster/tester I can confirm that everything on this menu was freaking delicious. I must have put on a few pounds that week due to a cinnamon roll - based diet ;)

M T said...

I've been so fortunate to have tasted Mai's creations throughout the years! 'Always a delight!

Hi Randy! I've checked out your have a lovely family...glad to see you're loving fatherhood.


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