Sunday, July 01, 2012

On the Go: Ushuaia - Puerto Madryn

Leaving Ushuaia and heading north for our final destination to Buenos Aires (BA) - the road is loooong - as we haul across 3 regions (Tierra del Fuego, Santa Cruz, Chubut), cover 1,113.9 mi (1,793 km) over a period of 2 days. It's an ambitious stretch but we're anxious to get BA to start the preparations for home (eg shipping the car, getting the final dog papers).  SF calls us :)

It was a bit grueling on the body - wake up call at 5 or 6am, then hands gripped wheel from sun up to sun down, the gas station coffee that kept us awake...

And with the constant go - it had its effect on the doggies too. Although they love being on the road with us and they have a sweet setup in the car, with their own space - there was definite bickering in the back - Biela barked more than usual at Manly because he was probably hogging all the bed and rolling over her as he snored away back there. Ever since the incident in Ollantaytambo, Peru - they've had to share one bed.

But, we couldn't have asked for better weather and road conditions (save gravel stretches and pot holes here and there on Ruta 3). Even with some minor annoyances: the full drug search with sniff dog reentering Argentina by way of Rio Gallegos (must be all that drug trafficking in Fin del Mundo) and the on-going gas shortage due to trucker strikes that kept us stuck in Rio Gallegos for a night (celebrating our 6 year anniversary at a bar, eating the biggest steak sandwiches in our lives).  The magnificent and unforgettable aurora australis - the equivalent of northern lights except it's the southern version - over the night sky made up for everything. 

In the end, in spite of the little annoyances that can shape so much of how we think and feel,  I remind myself how much we have - air to breathe, breathtaking landscapes, sunrises and sunsets, we have each other, our health, our doggies, a warm bed to sleep, a nice meal, a running car...

And the old heart begins to open up a little and eyes still shine - it was nevertheless, a beautiful and scenic drive through Patagonia, then the Atlantic coast. Amazing how a simple reminder of what we "have" can do and how being in nature can renew and lift the spirit over and over again.

Enjoy the photos, chicos!

Day 1

Leaving Ushuaia...brrrr

morning rays in Tolhuin
is this not the cutest cow??

snow dust
Old wounds...

the remaining wool barons of tierra del fuego

dick and dolly
windy kitty
back on the ferry over the strait of magellan

Aurora australis - the southern lights...

Day 2

Leaving Rio Gallegos

burning fires and protests in the center divider
happy in patagonia
hello atlantic!

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