Monday, July 16, 2012

Argentina: Buenos Aires

"The city can swallow up a person.

I long for the open space and stars over my head. I long for clean streets (of course, we happen to be here right as the garbage drivers are on strike) and clean parks (like the green grass in Puerto Madero for example - a cab ride away).

It helps that there are plants on the roof top terrace here in the comforts of our Palermo Soho loft; Manly likes to smell the jasmine. He’s smelling the tender white blossoms as I write this.

I am grateful for baths. On the road, it’s been difficult living without them. But, now we have a bath tub. And it has made all the difference. As a family, we have all benefited, clean and renewed beings – both doggies recently got a long overdue bath so Biela smells like a Pantene hair model.

I am grateful to see such diversity in our neighborhood in Palermo. Middle eastern, asian, african - all of different colors and creeds. Feels like home. New experience: speaking castellano with asian peeps at the chinese grocery stores. Cool.

I am grateful to see people paint over graffiti. I caught the eye of a man who was painting the outside walls of his arabian pizza restaurant. Green paint on paint brush, our eyes met for a second and I smiled. He smiled. 

In other respects it has made all the difference to have the exchange of strangers, the support of friends and invisible angels…this is in itself a different landscape, rich with textures and resonance.

I met up with a lovely friend who I hadn't seen for many years at a milonga. Tango really is the soul of Buenos Aires.

So, in a way, it's been wonderful to experience this city again. When I first came to Buenos Aires, almost 3 years ago, it felt like a city of interiors – hard to access, hidden behind gates. And now, now it’s a place where the impossible can happen like selling a car (bye bye Boris) or meeting up with an old friend you thought you lost touch with...

Funny how things are - when given a another chance to experience a place."

San Jorge Church, Palmero Soho
big boulevards

puerto madero

rush hour traffic

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