Saturday, July 21, 2012

What We've Eaten: A Look Back

A tasty look back of some of the foods we've sampled - 1 year on the road from San Francisco to Fin del Mundo (Ushuaia, Argentina). From guinea pig (cuy), grasshoppers, lamb tongue soup, arepas, gigantic hot dogs, lama steaks to homemade latkas. 

Sometimes, a little risqué, we've enjoyed every bite.

cuy - quito, ecuador
fried chicken - lake atitlan, guatemala
raisin and cinnamon tamale - oaxaca, mexico
chipolines - oaxaca, mexico
mole coloradito - oaxaca, mexico
agua con chocolate - oaxaca, mexico
homemade, hand crafted latkas - santa teresa, costa rica
chicken and pork tamale - medellin, colombia
arepas - popayan, colombia
home made tortilla soup - puerto vallarta, mexico
corn and cheese empanadas - ingapirca, ecuador
ceviche - mancora, peru
torta ahogada - tlaquepaque, mexico
lama steak - ollantaytambo (sacred valley), peru
coca tea - ollantaytambo (sacred valley), peru
cochinita - cusco, peru
lamb tongue soup - cusco, peru
not sure what this is ??!!
completo gigante - vina del mar, chile
amazing black beans, fried banana, cheese and eggs - el tunco, el salvador
bife de chorizo - bariloche, argentina

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