Saturday, June 30, 2012

Argentina: Ushuaia

“Ushuaia es muy feo - Ushuaia is very ugly” – I recall a local from El Calafate saying. Ushuaia, our final stop before making our way back north (homeward bound), is the capital of Tierra del Fuego and regarded as the southernmost city in the world. (wikipedia)

In winter, it's looks may not flatter or scintillate. Cute baby penguins are long gone, no more ferry trips to Antarctica…it’s harbor, commercial and cluttered with unglamorous containers, the overpriced and tourist-hyped downtown area along Avenida San Martín and yet...

Mountains around you.
Water before you.
Feet planted firmly on snow.

Who am I to be standing here at this moment?

Ushuaia glistens in my eyes - not so much as a place, but a vision of possibilities, how far we can go when inspired...

With shining eyes,

ps for more pics, checkout C-man's blog


Can you just breathe in that fresh morning mountain air?? View of "downtown" Ushuaia from the apartment window...

Our Mitsubishi 4X4 aka Boris

The sunny side of the harbor...

Ready for walkies??

Do not eat the yellow snow!

Biela the snow fox mama

Purple tree mist

A beautiful day in the neighborhood.

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