Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tango Nights: La Viruta

Located inside the Armenian cultural center, La Viruta is a dance hall that offers salsa, rock (bebop) and tango lessons in our neighborhood - Palermo Soho. We go on a Sunday night and grab the last available table for dinner. It is packed! And luckily we have prime seats at a table right alongside the dance floor. There's a full dinner menu and bar; we order steaks and vino tinto (why not?), and watch Sunday night's dance lessons followed by the bewitching tango hour at 11:30pm. The crowd is diverse - much younger and casual. It doesn't have the old school feel of Salon Canning - but watching the dancers - we can't help but smile ear to ear - the fun, infectious and inspiring energy gives us a tremendous vibration - making us want to sign up for lessons as soon as we're back home.

Hope you are also inspired to dance. Enjoy the photos, chicos.

Line dancing warm up...

All sizes and ages gather round for the bebop lesson (room is split into groups - which to choose?)

Bebop lesson in progress

Tango time

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