Friday, August 23, 2013

Chefing for Cooking Matters / 18 Reasons

This summer, the highlight of my week was teaching a class of talented and bright 8-9 year olds for Cooking Matters, organized and lead by 18 Reasons

Every week, at the Booker T Community Center, alongside dedicated volunteers (Erin, Andrew, Jessica) and the 18 Reasons nutrition coordinators (Nalleli and Sara), we kept our class engaged and entertained with creative and healthy recipes. Here's a sampling of delicious and fun recipes yours truly whipped up to wow and inspire the kids (and adults too):

My class, the staff and volunteers - kept me honest and true and being part of this wonderful community experience was my weekly heart transplant. 

When the last week of our class approached - I wasn't sure who was more bummed - me or the kids! Below are some pictures taken from our graduation day when we made veggie, tortellini kabobs, mini whole wheat garlic braids (2nd time) and non-dairy strawberry banana ice cream. I'm going to miss all the kids. But I will continue chefing/teaching with the program. For certain, I am hooked!

perdy rainbow kabobs
disappearing whole wheat garlic braids
Andrew and Nalleli
Thank you Jessica for taking the picture! Front Row bottom left: Blue, Sam, Evan, Nylah,
Karen and Elena. Second Row top left: Andrew, Nalleli, moi, Zayria, Gavin, Niyaz.   
so much energy!

gooey - delicious smiley

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