Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Perito Moreno Glacier

The day we arrive in El Calafate, Manuel the owner of the cabin, informs us that tomorrow is the last day to see the Perito Moreno glacier, then it is closed for the winter until August. Cedric and I look at each other - our jaws dropping to our socks. Talk about synchronicity!

The full day excursion (7:30-5pm) at the glaciers leaves us completely awe struck - "this is the last day!!!" we seem to be saying every 5 minutes like 2 crazed teenagers. "This is awesome!" From the crimson red sunrise, the cobalt blue majesty of Perito Moreno, the boat ride, the mini trek on the actual glacier itself - the day beautifies and inspires our souls. This is a lifetime experience we will never forget.

Enjoy the photos chicos!

first rays of sun around 10ish
first sight of perito moreno 11ish
perito moreno glacier

culpeo fox

crampon style

guide slash bartender
whiskey + 500 yr old glacier water - salud!

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