Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pineapple a Good Bread Make?

So over the last 3 months on the road, I've been breaking in each place we're lucky enough to have a working oven with some homemade bread. Inside my kitchen laboratory of flour and water, I've been experimenting with different possible bread starters...yeast made from raisins, then guava, and now pineapple! Today, this beautiful 1 pound loaf emerged from the fire...newly made. 

The method: I saved a couple of the pineapple rinds, placed them in water (enough to cover), then waited for the fermentation process to kick in. The fermented pineapple liquid was ready in a record 3 days, before it started smelling like moon shine. Then, another 2 days feasting and yeasting (by removing the rind and adding flour to make the starter). When it was time to make the bread, the dough was incredibly sticky (so I used more flour than usual); I gave it 12 hours to rest, one fold, then another good 3 hours to proof before it was time for the inferno. The taste is along the lines of a san franciscan sour dough, very moist and dense in the if I can just figure out how to get some clam chowder. Photos for the scrapbook. (For the bread recipe, read from raisins to bread). Enjoy and buen provecho.

Rinds soaking in water happily bubbling after 2 days. 

Pineapple yeast starter. Smells like banana.

Hamming it up for the camera.

Another photo op...with a ms. b cameo

Perchance to nibble thy crust?

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