Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Doggies Gone Wild

Some recent photos of Manly and Biela on our central american adventures. They seem to be enjoying themselves. Check out all ridiculously cute photos here.

partners in crime

come on in, the water's just fine


the artist formerly known as manly

siesta bonita

seduction in puerto vallarta

biela at sunset in sayulita

doing just about everything together...


Posts said...

Hi Mai! Just so I don't feel like I do when NPR does their pledge drives during those years I don't contribute, I wanted to comment here. You know how they say "20 billion people listen and only 2 contribute- we're talking to you silent listener- contribute now!" Something like that. Except, they don't know who I am so I change the station. Well, I'm writing to contribute here. I very much enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for writing. Wishing you and your traveling family well on your adventure.

White Shell Girl said...

Hola Randy!! That's so sweet. Thank you for your contribution ;) That means a lot to me. I too enjoy your blog! Lots of love and well wishes right back at ya and lady T and the littl'ins from San Miguel de Allende.


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