Friday, August 12, 2011

The Cost of the Unlived?

What is the cost of the unlived life?

The daily dross of war waged
inside, particles of dissatisfaction
splitting shadow and sun.

The cost graves cold, dear friend.

When did you separate
from your search for love?
Told to reach for the bag of beans
over your own beauty?

If you can’t crack your own heart
Darling, how is it possible that anyone can
open the door inside you?

Where is that loaded brush of gold
used to dot the outline
of your gifts?

I still see in you,
Illumination, the
grace that gives ballast.

Staying stuck for safety
is too costly, too ugly to even face.

Let me whisper into your ear,
what we have is short

A gentle nudge to get
going with our own glory.

The courage to leave
in the dark black night.

That is what I wish for you.

By Mai Brehaut

Thank you Rev Zoe Inman for your spiritual guidance and helping me rekindle and blaze my own light...

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