Sunday, January 01, 2012

Galettes des Rois

When our friend Lee arrived in Costa Rica, he carried a special (and very heavy) package for me from the states...almond meal! It's hard to find if not impossible here, but I wanted it simply to make this special cake.

It's name...galette des rois. "King cake" is eaten in France and traditionally sold in January to celebrate Epiphany.

This is a favorite childhood memory when I grew up in France (that and tomato soup). The prize of the cake is a fève...usually a small porcelain trinket / figurine in the shape of jesus. This is what every child is secretly after when they are given a slice of this heavenly almond cake...for who ever finds the fève gets to wear the golden paper crown that the cake comes with when bought at the local bakeries.

Yesterday, I decided to open my stash of almond meal. I made 2 cakes with homemade puff pastry (from homemade yeast)...everything was made from scratch. I gave one to Melaniaz, who takes care of the beach house where we're staying in Santa Teresa and another one for an intimate nye's dinner with friends. 

I am over the moon with how the cake came out. Even better than how I remembered...very moist, light and flavorful...enjoy the photos.

To celebrating 2012. 

Love, mb

from Chocolate & Zucchini

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