Thursday, October 18, 2012

Udder-less-ly Delicious

As a working class foodie, I love a good pizza and a good challenge. Can pizza be just as good without the pizzazz of cheese and meat?  Sacrilege, you say?

Last week, I treaded on this treacherous territory with some homemade vegan-ish inspired creations made my way. You might be thinking of the taste of card board boxes right now. But oh no, amicis! I knew that the secret had to be: 

1. Awesome dough (nicely rested dough. Rolled out thin, then on a heated pizza stone - everything in the oven no more than 10-12 mins on 500F). 

2. The toppings (fresh, tasty, seasonal ingredients from the farmer's market and local stores. Again thinly sliced).

So, as a baker, there was some dough I made with home brewed yeast conveniently sitting in the fridge. I had some fresh, post summer vegetables from the farmer's market. And some homemade pesto and red pepper sauce. Thai peanut sauce anyone? Surely, I was ready to make proper homage to the pizza gods.

As a lover of all food, I was highly, highly skeptical! But darn it, if you start with the best ingredients,  you won't be missing a thing. In fact, the pizza love ranneth over!

Here's some evidence. Can you just smell it? Sending you a slice :)

Buon appetito!

My name is alota...alota veggie....

zucchini, portabellas, peppers, red onion on homemade pesto and dough 
eggplant on red pepper sauce - before oven
after the oven - forgive me, some cheese was added on the other half for the boy 
thai peanut sauce, zuchhs, cilantro, whole wheat crust

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