Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Gift

How did you become,
blissful in my belly?
Inside me, you are
feathers floating beyond,
no longer fenced.
You came when my soul closed the
door to Doubt.
Each day, you incubate and bubble
mating as yeast multiplies in delicious bread,

As your Cook,
I must be careful to protect and feed you
only nectar - pure
of nurturing rain drops and dreams of
giant jasmines --fragrant in moonlight.

A round spoonful, here taste
the goodness of lamb stew
carrots and onions
rendering brown broth
bones transformed to honey-prunes,
just for you
sweetness worth
savoring each

I have been holding you
carrying, rock by rock,
building your inner space – Sanctuary.
Take your time.
Would you mind
if I birthed you?
Through me
you become
the Gift,
of Realization.
Let me uncover you.

By Mai Brehaut

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